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Healthy Communities in Action

The Chicago Region Food System Fund awarded $3,050,000 to 39 organizations in the "Prepare for Future Food System Emergencies'' grant round. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how unprepared the traditional food system is to meet demand during a sudden systemic breakdown. The third round of funding in this cycle applies what the nonprofit organizations, growers, workers, and funders learned-both positive and negative-from pandemic response to planning for future systemic shocks.

“Illinois Workers in Action is delighted to receive this grant and allocate it to our Healthy Communities in Action - A Navigator program. Through this initiative, community navigators engage marginalized communities in understanding the food system and its inequalities. By enhancing their participation and access to the food system, community members will be better prepared for potential food system crises," said Giselle Rodriguez, the Executive Director of Illinois Workers in Action.


Learning in Action

What a moment! We recently marked the completion of the inaugural Parent Program Cohort from our "Learning in Action" program.

The Parent Program, "Learning in Action," leverages the Chicago Parent program to educate parents on effective parenting strategies while offering early childhood education classes for their children during the sessions. We had a wonderful time providing childcare services and engaging in early childhood education activities. Illinois Workers in Action is honored to have introduced this parent program to Lake County for North Chicago, Waukegan and neighboring families.

We take immense pride in the success of our first parent cohort, who have completed their 12-session program and graduated, acquiring valuable knowledge throughout.

During the initial stages of the pandemic, IWA provided PPE giveaways to workers that included: masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, gloves and informational flyers.  

IWA hosted various COVID19 Workplace certificate trainings where workers learned how to:

  • Assess risk factors for work-related exposure to COVID19

  • Define protective measures employers should implement applicable to their industry 

  • Understand workers rights to a safe and healthful workplace

  • Identify methods to prevent and respond to COVID19 exposure in the workplace

  • Review strategies for protecting mental health during the crisis


Additionally, IWA created a hotline to aid workers on reporting workplaces that were not complying with required state COVID19 workplace safety guidelines, report a possible COVID19 outbreak, or if you have a concern that your workplace is not following public health rules regarding face coverings and/or capacity limits.

COVID19 Trainings

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